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Artistic Director Position Description

The Meistersingers of Mississippi seeks an experienced choral conductor to serve as Artistic Director.


The organization, which was founded in 1996, plans to continue its tradition of performing a season of concerts in Hattiesburg. In addition, we wish to expand our audience by pursuing opportunities to perform throughout the state, region and abroad, as well as to collaborate with other music and cultural organizations.


In 2017, the choir was invited to perform at Lincoln Center in New York City in a concert celebrating the music of Ola Gjeillo. In 2019, the Meistersingers traveled to London to perform a concert of Dan Forrest’s music at Cadogan Hall. These experiences have brought favorable attention to the choir and to Mississippi while generating lifelong memories for choir members. Experiences like these are made possible by active fund-raising on the part of choir members, who are guided by the work of an advisory board.      


The Meistersingers of Mississippi is the founding partner of the Hattiesburg Concert Association, which includes the FestivalSouth organization. While members of the choir are volunteers, the Artistic Director and piano accompanist receive compensation for their services. Choir rehearsals are held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, which has served as a host/sponsor of the organization for many years.

Duties of the Artistic Director


Preparation for a concert season is perhaps the most challenging as well as the most important work of the Artistic Director. It is through these plans that all other work of the organization flows. Execution of the plans is assisted by the Advisory Board, a dedicated group of long-term members who work to manage and support all aspects of the Meistersingers of Mississippi.   

  • Plan a concert season; typically three concerts (fall, winter, FestivalSouth in June) 

  • Select repertoire  for each concert; propose a rehearsal schedule for the season

  • Develop a budget proposal for the concert season. This will include the cost for instrumentalists who perform on any of the concerts.   

  • Submit proposed repertoire, rehearsal and concert dates and a budget to board members for their approval by July 15. This will allow time to order and receive music, to allow the group to publicize information about the upcoming season, to recruit singers and to inform the public about our activity.


Meistersingers has an extensive choral music library from which repertoire may be selected. The library is stored at Westminster Presbyterian Church. In recent years, repertoire has been selected around a theme. While that is not a requirement, it can assist with promotion of the concert season and recruitment of singers.  

  • Communicate with the choir librarian about the collection and distribution of music to choir members. Repertoire selected for each concert will be compiled for distribution at the first rehearsal.  

  • Provide singers assistance with repertoire by suggesting performance videos or websites with part-specific recordings during the rehearsal period.


Weekly rehearsals are held during preparation for a concert. In recent years, a two-hour rehearsal has been held on Thursday nights beginning at 6:30. The rehearsal period prior to a concert has typically lasted six to eight weeks.

  • At the beginning of a rehearsal period, the Artistic Director will audition and select new and returning choir members as s/he so desires.

  • Plan and conduct weekly rehearsals of concert music. This may include section rehearsals, as needed.


The organization communicates via e-mail, a Facebook page, and a Meistersinger Insider Facebook page (members only). The Meistersingers web site contains detailed information about the organization, including selected concert program videos and a photo gallery. 

  • Use email to communicate with choir members during the rehearsal period prior to concerts and at other times as s/he deems necessary.

  • Work closely with officers of the Advisory Board, attending board meetings as needed.

  • Send program details in a timely manner to the Hattiesburg Concert Association communications staff person. This will facilitate outreach to arts and cultural supporters in the community and beyond.  

Promotion/Public Relations

The vitality of a non-profit organization with all volunteer members is dependent upon leadership that inspires, motivates and guides its participants and the audience. The Meistersingers has been fortunate to have dedicated members and Artistic Directors who effectively reach out to the public to recruit singers and promote the organization.

  • Work in collaboration with the Advisory Board to promote the concert season, including the recruitment of singers, and to maintain ongoing communication with members of the organization and the public.

  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Meistersingers, offering interviews or commentary about the new concert season or a performance through local media outlets and/or social media. 

  • Take an active role in supporting the fundraising efforts of the organization.

  • Encourage members’ participation and engagement in all aspects of the organization. 

  • How to Apply

  • Click the button below to email Meistersingers President Mark Malone the following materials:

  • A cover letter expressing interest in the position

  • Vitae, including three references

  • Current choral conducting position

  • Audition recording with two contrasting selections; include a description of the performance 

  • Other information of applicant’s choice

Glasses and Music Sheet


Click the button below to email current President Mark Malone with the following items:

  • A cover letter expressing interest in the position

  • Vitae, including three references

  • Current choral conducting position

  • Audition recording with two contrasting selections; include a description of the performance 

  • Other information of applicant’s choice

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