What combines artistry, unity, harmony, poetry, music and community in a perfect blend?
The Meistersingers!
Named for the famed high school choirs at Hattiesburg High School from years gone by, The Meistersingers continues the tradition of excellence as Hattiesburg’s community chorus.  As a community-based arts organization, it depends on the generosity of individuals, institutions and businesses for its existence. Meistersingers receives very little government funding.
So, we need your help!
We are having a little fun with our donation levels.  Even if you don’t get our corny music jokes, you can still contribute. You can make your donation based on a musical term like this:

Quarter Notes --------------------------

Half Note- Music Teacher Level -------

Dotted Half -----------------------------

Middle C --------------------------------

C# ---------------------------------------

C Octave --------------------------------

Overtone --------------------------------

Triad ------------------------------------

Tone Deaf -------------------------------  

Perfect Pitch ----------------------------

V Chord ----------------------------------   

$10 a Key -------------------------------

Collaborator Sponsorship -------------

Conductor Sponsorship ---------------

Cadence Club- Concert Sponsor ------

Crescendo Club- Season Sponsor ----   

Keith McLarnan Endowment Fund ---


















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Your contribution matters!

Sponsor a Meistersingers event
VP for Development: Robin Roberts
Tel: 601-544-0950 |  email Robin
Corporate Sponsorships
What better way to associate your business with excellence and reach a key demographic than by supporting Meistersingers! We will take your business international when we travel to London, and we will reach a key group of Hattiesburg leaders, retirees and up-and-comers when we perform locally. Corporate gifts are a special blessing on the Meistersingers and if you are interested in this opportunity, contact our chief fundraiser, Robin Roberts at Roberts and Associates, Attorneys, 601-544-0950 or email
Dr. Keith McLarnan Endowment fund
Dr. Keith McLarnan was born in 1934 and music has always been part of his life. His mother taught music and was an accomplished singer. Keith started singing in the children’s choir at Trinity Lutheran and continued through a successful career as a Neurologist. Churches where he was practicing were always glad to have his tenor voice in their choir including Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Cleveland. In Hattiesburg he sang with USM Community Chorus, Westminster Church choir and Meistersingers. Singing didn’t stop until he was in his mid 70’s when Parkinson’s affected his voice. Though no longer singing he still loves music and has supported Meistersingers over the years.